Lifestyle Service

Our lifestyle services are designed to assist members with hectic schedules and personal, family, and professional lives, handling everything required to maintain your lifestyle and providing time to concentrate on the things you love.

Personal Shopping & Gifting

We can provide you with private access to shopping experiences, highly wanted goods, and specialised advice on the newest fashions and trends with each personalised shopping trip tailored to you to ensure your wardrobe is entirely current. Our presenting staff can find the ideal gift for every occasion and is skilled at finding unique gifts for the loved one who has everything. Our team find those rare must-have things, such as unique watches and handbags, as well as literature and artwork. Personal shoppers from Aya Concierge are at your disposal and will always work with you to satisfy all of your shopping demands.

Wellness and Beauty

We provide access to the most incredible spas and retreats for your mind, body, and soul, expertly picked by health and beauty specialists. Members may look forward to complimentary and discounted services, on-demand make-up & hairstylists, male grooming professionals, and more through specialised connections tailored to men and women. Enjoy exclusive early access to major brand launches and special showcase events, and stay up to date on the latest health and beauty goods.

Family and Staffing

We assist in securing trained personnel for your family's needs, including overseas properties and second homes: private chefs, gardeners, housekeepers, nannies, and other services are available through our approved suppliers. With our advice and management services, including Independent Schools and private tuition, our childcare and educational services are professionals in ensuring your children have the most significant possible start in life.

Private Charter and Chauffeur Service

Aya Concierge takes pride in having skilled partners in luxury travel, allowing our members to arrive at their destination with the optimal blend of luxury, comfort, and elegance. We offer access to a fleet of premium chauffeured automobiles, including Rolls Royce Phantoms, Range Rovers, and Bentley Continentals. Our private aircraft choices deliver you to local and international airport lounges, ensuring comfortable travel. We also provide our members with access to special Jet Transfers, which are ideal for individuals seeking the utmost in air travel.